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Home emedtv home headache home switch to mobile view health topics emedtv health topics headache health topics disease & conditions tests & procedures drugs & supplements symptoms articles emedtv articles headache articles videos emedtv videos sign in | site map headache channel topics cluster headaches headaches migraines spinal headache temporal arteritis temporal artery biopsy tension headache medications almotriptan alsuma amerge axert butterbur cambia delayed release valproic acid divalproex feverfew frova frovatriptan imitrex inderal la lavender maxalt relpax sumavel topiramate treximet triptans zomig advertisement   quicklinks headaches migraine temporal arteritis tension headaches cluster headaches migraine symptoms migraine relief imitrex maxalt relpax zomig topiramate feverfew lavender related channels epilepsy nervous system meningitis depression blood pressure glaucoma stroke arthritis   headache home > causes of cluster headaches causes of cluster headaches while it's not known exactly why cluster headaches occur, certain factors are known to increase your risk of developing this type of headache. buy cheap viagra viagra sale canada buy viagra online cheap viagra uk delivery cheap viagra online generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra For example, having a family history of cluster headaches can put you at a higher risk. There is also a possibility that cluster headaches are caused by irregularities in the body's circadian rhythms. What causes cluster headaches? The exact cause or causes of cluster headaches are not known. Cluster headaches have not been linked to hormones or foods, as migraines have (see migraine triggers or migraine food triggers ).   research studies have, however, turned up several clues regarding possible causes. The tendency of cluster headaches to occur during the same time(s) from day to day, and more often at night than during the daylight hours, suggests they could be caused by irregularities in the body's circadian rhythms, which are controlled by the brain and a family of hormones that regulate the sleep-wake cycle.   also, despite not knowing the underlying cause, researchers do know that two parts of the body are involved in cluster headaches -- the trigeminal nerve and the autonomic nervous system. The trigeminal nerve supplies sensation to the face. When stimulated, it can cause pain in and around the eye. The autonomic nervous system controls a number of bodily functions, includi.  

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